Tuesday, February 19, 2013

multiplied meals: whole roasted chicken

This is my most common multiplied meal.  I probably make a variation of it every other week.  A whole chicken is the most affordable meat to purchase and you get way more for what you're spending.  I can get two sometimes three meals from a $7 natural whole chicken.

Round 1: Whole Roasted Chicken (served with pine nut couscous and green beans)
I love The Pioneer Woman's Herb Roasted Whole Chicken recipe.  I vary it depending on the herbs I have and what I will be making with the leftovers.  This week I used a fresh thyme and rosemary rub.  I have found that when cooked at 400 degrees as the recipe recommends the oil gets too hot and smokes, so I usually use 375 degrees and cook the chicken a little longer.  The juice coming from the chicken when cut should be clear when it's fully cooked.

Round 2: Chicken Noodle Soup (served with fresh bread)
With a cold going around our family I chose a simply chicken noodle soup for round 2.  Spiced with fresh thyme this soup brought out the flavor of the roasted chicken.  Yum yum!  If you prefer to go by a recipe I recommend this one here.  Instead of adding the bouillon I would suggest salt and pepper to avoid unnecessary MSG.

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