Tuesday, January 1, 2013

still falling in love.

I'm reading a great book by Angela Thomas called A Beautiful Offering.  I didn't use to love books that are geared towards women, but neither did I ever think I would be going to mommy groups.  My heart's needs have changed with marriage and now a baby.  I think I've become more aware of my woman's heart and soul, and in turn needs and desires.

In this book Angela talks about her personal revelation of God's heart when the Beatitudes in Matthew 5 shifted from a list of "Gotta Be's" to "When You Are's".

In the chapter "Falling in Love," Angela talks about a couple married 52 years more in love than ever, each others best friend and biggest fan.

The story reminded me of my Opa and Oma [pictured below].  Opa went to be with Jesus almost 3 years ago now, just shy of their 60th wedding anniversary.  Towards the end of his life physically he was in bad shape.  Confined to a hospital bed in their bedroom at home he spent most of the time asleep and when he was awake he was usually confused or distant.  There were however moments I remember vividly when he would wake up and see his precious wife sitting next to him and a light would fill his face as he smiled at her, love written all over his face.

Their marriage was so sweet.  I remember Oma laughing at his repeated jokes and them holding hands and stealing kisses.  Until Opa was unable to drive, my Oma had never filled up the gas tank in her car.
How is that possible you ask?
Opa would drive her car to the gas station before it ever ran too low and fill it up for her.
Duty? No.
A necessity?  Obviously not.
An act of his love and commitment to her? YES.
One of many choices to continue to serve, to prefer and ultimately fall in love with one another over and over.  "There continued falling is the product of choosing, over and over, to return to love."

Matthew 5:6  Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.
I love the comparison Angela makes to a hunger and thirst for Jesus and the process of falling in love over and over.
To have Him on my mind throughout my day.
To desire and pursue every sweet second I can with Him.
To invite Him into every area of my life.
To choose humility and repent quickly to be restored fully.
To dream with Him.

And in turn be filled with His sweet presence, fulfilled by His deep love.

I'm so inspired and renewed in my vision and desire to love both Jesus and my husband well.
Excited to fall more in love with Jesus and Joel in 2013!

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