Thursday, January 31, 2013

multiplied meals: balsamic roast beef

I don't know about you but to get two meals out of one is a glorious thing.  On Sunday evenings I do my meal planning for the week and I do my best to include a "multiplied meal."  These save time AND money!

Check back every couple of weeks and I'll be posting one of my multiplied meals.  This week's recipes are a Balsamic Roast & Balsamic Roast Beef French Dip Sandwiches, both recipes and pictures from Add a Pinch are below.  Not only did this meat serve as the main for two meals, but it was also cooked in the crockpot...extra brownie points.  The meat was super tender and had a great taste, it has the husband approval in this house.  Bon appetit!

Round 1: Balsamic Roast Beef (served with roasted root vegetables seasoned with balsamic and rosemary)

Round 2: Balsamic Roast Beef French Dip Sandwiches (served with steak fries using potatoes from round 1 & a salad)

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