Thursday, January 10, 2013

farmhouse table.

My husband and I love re-doing old furniture.  In fact there are only 2 new pieces of furniture in our entire house.

We just finish my favorite project so far...building a farmhouse table.  This was definitely a step further than repainting an old dresser, but my husband did awesome.

Not only is it special because we built it, but to make it even better the wood for the tabletop is salvaged barn wood from the family ranch where we got married.  How cool is that?

The legs are salvaged columns that we purchased and cut from one of my favorite places in San Diego, Architectural Salvage.  Here are some pictures of the project and the finished product...

Architectural Salvage, Little Italy

Joel cutting the wood then building the table top
We filled the large cracks with wood filler to avoid food collection; the legs we cut and lacquered
We stained the table and then coated it three times with a polyurethane
The e-a-t letters were also purchased at Architectural Salvage, the cast iron utensils from ebay

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