Sunday, December 30, 2012


I am the proud momma to an adorable 7 month old with piercing blue eyes, fluffy blonde hair and a one  [almost two] tooth grin that makes me melt.

I love being a mom.
It's what I was made for.
BUT I can't say that it's been easy.  Actually it has probably been the most challenging thing I've ever done.

When I got married a level of myself easily kept at home was all of the sudden at home with someone else!  I've heard people say that getting married is like looking into a mirror, because your spouse knows you like you know yourself [the good and the bad].  I had to learn that those not as pleasant aspects of myself weren't ok at home either!  I am so thankful for my patient, humble and loving husband who is FOR me and for US growing together.

Ok, so if getting married is looking into a mirror then having a child is like having a magnifying mirror perpetually in front of your face.  
1am?  Mirror still there. 
5am when baby wants to start his day and I want to sleep longer?  Mirror still there.  
2pm when baby is on a nap strike?  Mirror still there.  I have a million decisions everyday to choose to be patient or impatient, to choose compassion or frustration, to choose his needs or to be selfish.  It would be dishonest to say that I always choose the correct option.  But I can say that as I've made decision after decision to try and love him well, those choices have gotten easier, more natural and so life-giving.

Friday, December 14, 2012


I love reading blogs.  Getting to know people that really I may never know or following the lives of friends that I rarely see.
The one negative about this pastime is that its easy to start comparing myself, to start wishing or even to start trying to make my world look similar to the author's.
I love getting ideas from blogs, but there's a fine line, for me, between new ideas and feeling like I should be those people.

So out of accountability, here are a few things that I am [and some that I am not]:
1. I'm creative when it comes to my house, but I wouldn't call myself an artist.
2. I do not paint.  [There have been a few failed attempts.]
3. As a fairly new mom [7 months next week] I'm still mastering the getting out of pajamas or workout clothes [although this is a goal I have].  That being said, I am NOT always put together.
4. I like clothes and wearing unique styles at times, but I would not say I'm a trend-setter [that's my hubby] or that I even know what my style is sometimes.
5. I love music but I'm behind the times in the world of tunes.
6. I'm not a photographer [outside of Instagram] but a friend is about to give me some professional pointers. Thank you!
7. I love being outside and adventuring with my boys.
8. I love being at home, making it a welcoming, comfortable and over-all pleasant place to be.
9. I love hosting people.  If I had more expendable income I think I would throw dinner parties and have tea with friends several times a week.
10. My husband and I love watching American Pickers and then going out and thrifting items to sell or redoing old items for our house.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

here comes the da[na] revisited.

here comes the da[na].

I'm the Dana, pronounced Dayna.
And here I come...

Truth be told this is the resurrection of a blog that hasn't been touched in over two years.
Why did I delete the old posts?
There was really no way to bridge that Dana and this one...a LOT has changed.
I'm a wife.
I'm a mom.
I'm a stay at HOME mom.
Life has changed me...GOD has changed me.
And I'm excited to share my life with you.